Jane’s Story


My Name is Jane Miners and I have lived in beautiful Chico, California for most of my life. Being one who is drawn to nature, living in the north state has been an ongoing blessing of natural abundance and inspirational energy.   I spend much of my free time enjoying these gifts, either hiking, camping or just walking through beautiful Bidwell Park.

These things, along with a meaningful yoga practice, have brought balance and wellness to my life, and I have aspired to share that balance and wellness with others.

I began my education intending to be a psychological counselor, receiving a degree from CSU Chico in Psychology in 2009, and working as a counseling intern for three years. I realized, however, I wanted to explore a more layered approach to healing and reach people on a deeper level, but did not know what that was at the time.
I continued to work on my own personal healing, receiving Reiki treatments myself, undergoing counseling and seeking spiritual insight through yoga and meditation. I came to the realization that by becoming a Reiki practitioner and yoga instructor, I could combine my education and experience to bring holistic richness to each client's personal healing journey.

I received Usui Holy Fire® Reiki Ryoho Master teacher certification in Glastonbury, United Kingdom and obtained certification as a Hatha yoga instructor in northern India. I received Holy Fire® III Karuna® Master Certification in Portland Oregon in early 2019.

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